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What Is Cream of Tartar or Potassium Bitartrate

Cream of tartar or potassium bitartrate is a common household chemical and cooking ingredient. Heres a look at what cream of tartar is, where it comes from, and how the cream of tartar is used. Basic Cream of Tartar Facts Cream of Tartar is potassium bitartrate, also known as potassium hydrogen tartrate, which has a chemical formula of KC4H5O6. Cream of tartar is an odorless white crystalline powder. Where Does Cream of Tartar Come From? Cream of tartar or potassium bitartrate crystallizes out of solution when grapes are fermented during winemaking. Crystals of cream of tartar may precipitate out of grape juice after it has been chilled or left to stand or the crystals may be found on the corks of wine bottles where the wine has been stored under cool conditions. The crude crystals, called beeswing, may be collected by filtering the grape juice or wine through cheesecloth. Cream of Tartar Uses Cream of tartar is used primarily in cooking, though it is also used as a cleaning agent by mixing it together with white vinegar and rubbing the paste onto hard water deposits and soap scum. Here are some of the culinary uses of cream of tartar: Added to whipped cream after it has been whipped to stabilize it.Added to egg whites when whipping them to increase their volume and help them maintain peaks at higher temperatures.Added when boiling vegetables to reduce discoloration.One of the key ingredients in some formulations of baking powder, where it reacts with baking soda and an acid to produce carbon dioxide to promote rising of baked goods.Found with potassium chloride in sodium-free salt substitutes.Used to make icing for gingerbread houses and for another frosting, where it acts to prevent sugar from re-bonding and crystallizing.Used to clean brass and copper cookware and fixtures.Added to soft drinks, gelatin, photography chemicals, baked goods, and many other products. Shelf Life and Cream of Tartar Substitution As long as it is kept in a sealed container away from heat and direct light, cream of tartar maintains its effectiveness indefinitely. If cream of tartar is used in a cookie recipe, its used with baking soda to form a type of double-acting baking powder. For this type of recipe, omit both the cream of tartar and the baking soda and use baking powder instead. The substitution is to use 1 teaspoon of baking powder for each 5/8 teaspoons cream of tartar and 1/4 teaspoon baking soda. After you do the math for your recipe, you may find it calls for additional baking soda. If this is the case, you can add the extra baking soda to the batter. While its best to use cream of tartar if its called for in a recipe, if you must substitute, you can add vinegar or lemon juice instead. In baking recipes, it takes a bit more of the liquid ingredient to get the same acidity, so add 1 teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice for every 1/2 teaspoon of cream of tartar. The flavor will be affected (not necessarily in a bad way), but the biggest potential problem is there will be more liquid in the recipe. For whipping egg whites, you can use 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice per egg white.

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Achieved Status Versus Ascribed Status in Sociology

Status is a term that is used often in sociology. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of status, achieved status and ascribed status. Each can refer to ones position, or role, within a social system—child, parent, pupil, playmate, etc.—or to ones economic or social position within that status.   Individuals usually hold multiple statuses at any given time—lawyers, say, who happen to devote most of their time to pro bono work instead of rising through the ranks at a prestigious law firm. Status is important sociologically because we attach to ones position a certain set of  presumed  rights, as well as presumed obligations and expectations for certain behaviors. Achieved Status An achieved status is one that is acquired on the basis of merit; it is a position that is earned or chosen and reflects a persons skills, abilities, and efforts. Being a professional athlete, for example, is an achieved status, as is being a lawyer, college professor, or even a criminal. Ascribed Status An ascribed status, on the other hand, is beyond an individuals control. It is not earned, but rather is something people are either born with or had no control over. Examples of ascribed status include sex, race, and age. Children usually have more ascribed statuses than adults, since they do not usually have a choice in most matters. A familys social status or socioeconomic status, for instance, would be an achieved status for adults, but an ascribed status for children. Homelessness might also be another example. For adults, homelessness often comes by way of achieving, or rather not achieving, something. For children, however, homelessness is not something they have any control over. Their economic status, or lack thereof, is entirely dependent on their parents actions. Mixed-Status The line between achieved status and ascribed status is not always black and white. There are many statuses that can be considered a mixture of achievement and ascription. Parenthood, for one. According to the latest numbers gathered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 50 percent of pregnancies in the U.S. are unplanned, which makes parenthood for those people an ascribed status. Then there are people who achieve a certain status because of an ascribed status. Take Kim Kardashian, for example, probably the most famous  reality television celebrity in the world. Many people might argue that she would never have achieved that status if she had not come from a wealthy family, which is her ascribed status.  Ã‚   Status Obligations Probably the greatest set of obligations are conferred upon the status of parenthood.  First, there are biological obligations: Mothers are expected to care for themselves and their unborn child (or children, in the case of twins, etc.) by abstaining for any activity that could cause either of them harm. Once a child is born, a host of legal, social, and economic obligations kick in, all with the purpose of ensuring that parents act in a responsible manner toward their children. Then there are professional status obligations, like doctors and lawyers whose vocations bind them to certain oaths governing their client relationships. And socioeconomic status obligates those who have achieved a certain high level of economic status to contribute portions of their wealth to help the less fortunate in society.

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The History Of Medical Compromised Health And Social Care Essay Free Essays

string(192) " undermentioned conditions are you 3 % likely to contract by a needle stick\? Hepatitis D Hepatitis C Hepatitis B Hiv Correct Answers: Choice B Hepatitis C is contracted # % by needle sticks\." Correct Answer: Choice A is, harmonizing to wikpedia, symptoms are subjective ailments of the patient such as concern, giddiness, or hurting, normally non subjective to verification by the tester, doctor, tooth doctor, or other healthcare professional. Answer choices B to D are marks. Referemce: hypertext transfer protocol: //en. We will write a custom essay sample on The History Of Medical Compromised Health And Social Care Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now 2. Which of the followers is the most of import during an initial patient rating? Critical Signs Establishing Rapport Sexual History Chief Ailment Correct Answer: pick B, during an initial patient interaction with a clinician it is imperative to set up respectable resonance that will let the patient to supply inside informations about their medical history that ca n’t establish in graphs or scrutinies. Choices A C and D will ne’er happen without the trust of the doctor.Reference: Eval/Risk Assessment Dr. G. Davis An otherwise healthy patient who smokes half a battalion of coffin nails a twenty-four hours has which ASA categorization? ASA I ASAII ASA III ASA IV Correct Answer: Choice B, ASA II is a patient with a mild systemic disease. For case: tobacco users, minimum imbibing, pregnant, fleshiness, good controlled high blood pressure, and minor lung disease. ASA I are healthy non-smokers or minimum drinkers. ASA III are patients with terrible systemic disease non disabling ; for illustration, diabetes, ill controlled high blood pressure, and distant history of myocardial infarction. ASA IV are patient with terrible systemic disease that is a changeless menace to life. Mention: American Society of Anesthesiology. hypertext transfer protocol: // After sing your patient ‘s bird’s-eye radiogram, you discover and diagnose the presence of calcified atheromas in her carotid arterias. What measure should you take following? Continue with dental intervention because there is no demand to be concerned Mention the patient to her primary attention doctor Agenda to hold the atheromas removed by an unwritten sawbones Ignore the find because it is beyond your range of preparation Correct Answer: Choice B, if a clinician notices oppositive findings that could be endangering to the patient ‘s life they are to instantly mention the patient to their primary attention doctor. Choices A, C and D could take to a unfavourable result for either the clinician or patient. Mention: Evaluation A ; Risk Assessment slide 14 Dr. Davis In which of the undermentioned classs should a patient ‘s main ailment be written? Subjective Aim Appraisal Planned Correct Answer: Choice A, the subjective part of a SOAP note explains the patient ‘s main ailment. Objective part of a SOAP note is for critical marks, medicine, and other marks observed by the clinician. Assessment is for the clinician diagnosing. Plan is for intervention done during the assignment and any future intervention scheduled. Mention: Evaluation A ; Risk Assessment slide 18 Dr. G Davis Which of the undermentioned conditions do NOT necessitate antibiotic prophylaxis? Artificial bosom valves Mitral Valve Stenosis Congenital bosom defects Hip replacing six months ago Correct Answer: B, Mitral valve stricture. Cardiovascular conditions associated with the highest hazard of inauspicious result from endocarditis for which prophylaxis with dental processs is recommended harmonizing to the American Heart Association. Prosthetic Cardiac Valve, # 2 Previous Infective Endocarditis # 3 Congenital Heart Disease, Cardiac Transplantation, Dental Management of the Medically compromised patient, page 28, BOX 2-1. Mitral valve Stenosis is NOT one of these Conditionss Which of the undermentioned agents is used to pull off a patient with an overdose of Coumadin? Naloxone Aqua Mephyton Disulfiram Naltrexone Correct Answer: Choice B is used to handle Coumadin overdose. Choice A is wrong because is used to change by reversal the effects of respiratory depression overdose. Choice C is used for intoxicant overdose and pick D, Naltrexone has similar consequence to Narcan, in that is It is used for handling chronic alcohol addiction and for rapid opioid detoxification. Lippincott ‘s Illustrated Reviews ; Pharmacology 3rd edition. Which of the undermentioned represents an ideal thrombocyte counts? 50,000 100,000 300,000 500,000 Correct Answer: Choice C, normal thrombocyte counts is 150,000- 400,000. Mention: chmaier AH. Laboratory rating of styptic and thrombotic upsets. In: Hoffman R, Benz EJ Jr, Shattil SJ, et Al, explosive detection systems. Hoffman Hematology: Basic Principles and Practice. 5th erectile dysfunction. Philadelphia, Pa: Churchill Livingstone Elsevier ; 2008: fellow 122. What is the INR of a normal healthy patient? 0 1 2 3 4 Mention: Dr. Davis said this in a talk. Which of the undermentioned drugs will ensue in respiratory depression during an overdose? Benzodiazepines Barbiturates Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory Albuterol Correct Answer: Choice B, Barbiturates suppress the hypoxic and chemoreceptor response to CO2 and overdose is followed by respiratory depression and decease. Mention: A Miller LG, Deutsch SI, Greenblatt DJ, Paul SM, Shader RI ( 1988 ) . â€Å" Acute barbiturate disposal increases benzodiazepine receptor binding in vivo † .Psychopharmacology ( Berl. ) A 96A ( 3 ) : 385-90. What is another name for rapid external respiration? Tachypnea Diaphoretic Tachycardia Ptyalism Correct Answer: Choice A, harmonizing to wikipedia, from the Greek dictionary tachy means rapid and pena agencies take a breathing. The wrong picks, sudorific: inordinate perspiration. Tachycardia: Increase Heart Rate, ptyalism: extra spit. Mention: Wikipedia subscribers. â€Å" Diaphoresis. † Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 8 Jan. 2013. Web. 7 Feb. 2013. Which of the undermentioned represents a symptom of active TB infection? Night Sweats Xerostomia Malena Atelectasis Correct Answer: Choice A, stated in category text book: Dental Management of the Medically Compromised Patient, page 117. Choice B, Xerostomia is common among autoimmune, such as Sjorgen. Choice C, refers the show of fecal matters due to GI shed blooding. Atelectasis is the prostration of the lungs due to hapless wetting agent or squamous cell carcinoma. Refrence: hypertext transfer protocol: // hypertext transfer protocol: // # Causes and hypertext transfer protocol: // Which of the followers has a normal scope which last between eleven and sixteen seconds? Prothrombin Time Partial Thromboplastin Time Bleeding Time All above Correct Answers: Choice A, the normal PT clip is 11-15. Choice B, PTT clip is 20-35 seconds and hemorrhage clip if from 2-7 proceedingss. Which of the undermentioned conditions are you 3 % likely to contract by a needle stick? Hepatitis D Hepatitis C Hepatitis B Hiv Correct Answers: Choice B Hepatitis C is contracted # % by needle sticks. The wrong replies of hepatitis B and HIV per centums are 30 % and.3 % severally. Mention: As stated in category: Class Discussion, Dr. Davis. Which of the following values represent a normal healthy scope for HbA1c? 4 % 6.5 % 7 % 10 % Correct Answer: Choice A, a normal HbA1c 4 % -5.9 % . Mention: Wikipedia subscribers. â€Å" Glycated haemoglobin. † Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 29 Jan. 2013. Web. 7 Feb. 2013. Which of the undermentioned conditions will NOT take to nephritic failure? Systemic lupus erythematosus Brown ‘s Tumor of hyperparathyroidism Glomerulonephritis High blood pressure Correct Answer: Choice B, Brown ‘s Tumor is a status associated with nephritic failure, nevertheless it does non take to it. Mention: Dental Management of the Medically Compromise Patient, page 181 What is the term to a transplant from an indistinguishable twin? Autograft Homograft Isograft Heterograft Correct Answer Choice C ; isograft is a transplant of tissue between two persons who are genetically indistinguishable. An autoplasty is the organ transplant of variety meats, tissues or even proteins from one portion of the organic structure to another in the same person. A allograft is the organ transplant of cells, tissues, or variety meats, to a receiver from a genetically non-identical giver of the same species. A heterograft is the organ transplant of life cells, tissues or variety meats from one species to another. Mention: Wikipedia. hypertext transfer protocol: // Which of the undermentioned represent a common side consequence of the drug Rifadin? Addictive belongingss Red piss Decrease Oxygen impregnation Blurred vision Correct Answer: Choice B is right. Rifampin is an intensely ruddy solid, and the little fraction which reaches organic structure fluids is known for leaving a harmless red-orange colour to the piss ( and to a lesser extent, besides perspiration and cryings ) of users, for a few hours after a dosage. Mention: Wikipedia. hypertext transfer protocol: // Which of the undermentioned statements should a clinician support in head when utilizing a pulsation oximeter? The usage of pulse oximeters exposes patients to extra radiation Pulse oximeters should non be used on dialysis patients Pulse oximeter reading have a delayed feedback Never topographic point a pulse oximeter on the patient ‘s index finger Correct reply: C, The pulsation oximeter reading has a delayed feedback due to the signal averaging. There is a hold after a the existent O impregnation starts to drop. Choices A and B are non true. Choice D is the non replying the inquiry but is true statement. Mention: Downs JB, Schweiger JW, Miguel RV, Smith RA. Supplemental O impairs sensing of hypoventilation by pulse oximetry. Chest 2004 ; 126:1552-8 Scrofula is a status caused by which of the following beings? Mycobacteria TB Staphylococcus Aureus Mycoplasma Pneumonia Candida Albicas Correct reply: A, Scrofula in grownups is most frequently caused by Mycobacterium TB, which is contracted by take a breathing in air that is infected by M. TB. Choice B, S.aureus is related osteomyelitis, bacteriemia or TSS. Choice, C M. pneumonia is known to do pneumonia. Choice D, Candida Albicans is a commensal fungi apart of the normal vegetation ; nevertheless, higher colonisation exist in HIV patients. Mention: Werrett, Simon. â€Å" Mending the Nation ‘s Wounds: Royal Ritual and Experimental Philosophy in Restoration England. â€Å" History of ScienceA 38 ( 2000 ) : 377-99. Which of the followers is likely to happen in patients with struma? Enlarged salivary secretory organs Cervical lymphadenopathy Congenital sightlessness Premature loss of dentitions Correct Answer: B, Cervical lymphadenopathy is the most common mark that appears in patients enduring from struma ; in add-on, struma is accompanied by febrilities, weight loss and icinesss. Choice A, enlarged salivary secretory organs, occurs in Sjogrens syndrome. Choice C, Congenital sightlessness occurs in inborn German measles syndrome. Choice D, premature loss of teeth occurs normally due to trauma. Mention: Werrett, Simon. â€Å" Mending the Nation ‘s Wounds: Royal Ritual and Experimental Philosophy in Restoration England. â€Å" History of ScienceA 38 ( 2000 ) : 377-99. What per centum of O is in the ambiance? 15 % 18 % 21 % 24 % 30 % Correct Answer: C, 21 % Cook A ; Lauer 1968, p.500 How frequently should breaths be given when executing CPR? Equally frequently as possible After every 60 seconds After 30 thorax compactions After 10 thorax compresssions Correct Answer: After 30 thorax compactions, when preforming CPR the pathophysiologic thought is to manually pump oxygenated blood and maintain cardiac end product to of import variety meats. When take a breathing into the victim, this is a signifier of supplying unreal respiration. Choice A is wrong because CPR consist of jumping rhythms of compactions and breaths, therefore breaths can non be given every bit frequently as possible. Choice B, After every 60 seconds, is wrong, In a CPR 60 2nd interval a first respondent should hold given 100 compactions. Choice D of 10 compactions is the incorrect figure. Mentions: â€Å" Highlights of the 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR and ECC † ( pdf ) .A American Heart Association. How should patient holding a laryngospasm be managed? Epinephrine admistration Provide positive air force per unit area Supply an inhalator Stand clear until the individual settles down Correct Answer: B, The direction of a laryngospasm consists of supplying positive air force per unit area ( PAP ) . Laryngospasms are a prolong musculus contraction of the laryngeal cords, because the episode typically last less than 60 seconds, a PAP airing is usefully in similar ague respiratory failure. Choice A of adrenaline is merely used during laryngospasm due to vocal cord hydrops. Choice C, provides an inhalator, is wrong because most inhalators block the beta-2 receptor and therefore take to bronchoconstriction. Choice D, stand clear until the individual settles down is ne’er the right pick. Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // What measurings are captured when utilizing a sphygmomanometer? Respiratory volume Temperature Oxygen Impregnation Blood Pressure Correct Answer: D, Sphygmomanometer is used to mensurate blood force per unit area. The turnup is placed on the upper arm at the same tallness as the bosom. Cuff sizes are besides of import, excessively little a cuff consequences in high force per unit area A ; excessively big a turnup consequences in excessively low a force per unit area. Respiratory volumes are measured spirometer, Temperature is measured utilizing a thermometer and O impregnation is measured utilizing a pulse oximeter. Mention: A Misrin, J.A † Aneroid Sphygmomanometer: A Battle for Safer Blood Pressure Apparatus † . Retrieved 27 February 2012. Which of the undermentioned blood force per unit area reading represents the ideal definition of a individual with phase one high blood pressure? 142/96mmHg 125/94mmHg 165/91mmHg 119/79mmHg Correct Answer: A, 142/96 mmHg harmonizing to the, phase one high blood pressure is classified by a systole reading that lies between 140-159 and a diastole reading of 90-99. Choice B, 125/94mmHg is a reading that is classified as pre-hypertension. Choice C, 165/91mmHg is classified is stage 2 high blood pressure and Choice D. 119/79 is normal. Which of the undermentioned represents the lowest reading of a patient at hazard for cardiovascular disease? 120/80mmHg 117/76mmHg 115/75mmHg 125/85mmHg Correct Answer: Harmonizing to the Mayo Clinic and Dental Management of the Medically Compromise Patient, chapter 27. Which of the followers is NOT a symptom of high blood pressure? Dizziness Nausea Concern Tinnitus Correct Answer: Nausea, is the lone symptom among the list that is non experience by patients with high blood pressure harmonizing to hypertext transfer protocol: // and Dental Management of the Medically Compromise Patient, page 40. Which of the followers may ensue of two carpules of 2 % lidocaine 1:100,000 adrenaline were accidently injected via IV to a patient taking propranolol? Elevated blood force per unit area and tachycardia Elevated blood force per unit area and compensatory bradycardia Decreased blood and tachycardia Decreased blood and compensatory bradycardia Correct Answer: Choice B, elevated blood force per unit area and compensatory bradycardia would happen and take to cardiovascular prostration A ; cardiac apprehension. Choice C A ; D are the opposite effects that would happen. Choice A is wrong because the compensatory reaction of tachycardia is wrong. What is the approximative per centum of the United States citizens with high blood force per unit area? 15 % 25 % 33 % 40 % 50 % Correct Answer: Choice C, 33 % is the right reply harmonizing the Where is lidocaine metabolized? Kidney Bone Lungs Blood watercourse Correct Answer: Choice A, stated by Dr. Davis in category During which of the undermentioned alveolar consonant processs is it recommended to supply antibiotic prophylaxis for patients with non-valvular cardiovascular devices? Multiple extractions Incision and drainage Everyday dentition cleansing While mensurating examining deepnesss Correct Answer: Choice B, Harmonizing to Dental Management of the Medically Compromise Patient, page 34. Choice A, C A ; D where non recommended. Patients who have received a nephritic graft are likely to hold gingival hyperplasia due to which of the followers? Cyclosporine Diphenylhydantoin Amlodipine Diphenylhydantoin Correct Answer: Choice A, cyclosporine is given to patients with nephritic grafts and they may exhibit gingival enlargement page 197 of Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients. Choice B, Phenytoin is wrong because it is a drug known to predispose patients to gingival hyperplasia but it is non prescribed to patients with nephritic graft ; it is an antiepileptic drug, besides used for dialysis remotion page 198. Choice C, Amlodipine is wrong because it is a Ca channel blocker, which unwritten visual aspect is gingival expansion. However this drug is given to patients who have high blood pressure page 43. Choice D, Dilantin is wrong because it is the same as Phenytoin for the grounds stated above page 615 of Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th edition under Which of the undermentioned tooth formations has NO associations with inborn poxs? Hutchinson ‘s incisors Screw-Driver incisors Peg laterals Mulberry grinders Correct Answer: Choice C, nog laterals is the right reply because it non related to inborn pox it is a job in the development of the maxillary sidelong incisors which appear smaller than normal. Choice A, Hutchinson ‘s three of inborn poxs along with interstitial keratitis of the cornea causes hearing loss and dental abnormalcies such as mulberry grinder. Choice B, screw-drivers incisors is wrong reply due to the fact that they are dental defects besides seen in inborn pox and caused by direct invasion of tooth sources by Treponema beings because they can traverse the placenta. Mention: page 205 Chapter 13 of Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th edition. Which of the undermentioned conditions is NOT associated with HHV-4? Kaposi Sarcoma Infectious glandular fever Nasopharyngeal malignant neoplastic disease Oral hairy leukoplakia Correct Answer: Choice A, . Kaposi Sarcoma is the right reply because it is associated with HIV-8 non HIV-4 pg. 207 chapter 13 of Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 8th edition. B. Infectious glandular fever is non the correct reply because it is caused 90 % of instances by EBV or HHV-4, a lymphotropic herpesvirus pg. 209 chapter 13 of Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 8th editionC. Nasopharyngeal malignant neoplastic disease is wrong because it is related to patients with HHV-4 hypertext transfer protocol: // D. Oral hairy leukoplakia is wrong because it is associated with EBV after recovery pg. 215 Chapter 13 of Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 8th edition and pg. 297 Chapter 18 Herpes zosters is associated with which of the undermentioned herpes viruses? HHV-1 HHV-2 HHV-3 HHV-4 Correct Answer: Choice C, HHV-3 is the right reply because it is associated with chickenpox shingles Choice A, HHV-1 is non right because it is simplex virus that causes non-genital herpes simples in worlds, seen in kids and immature Choice B, HHV-2 is non the correct replies because it is a simplex virus besides but associated with venereal infections Choice D, HHV-4 is non right, it is besides known every bit EBV as it was described in old inquiries is a lymphorocryptovirus. Mention: pg. 604 of Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 8th edition ; hypertext transfer protocol: // grownups ; hypertext transfer protocols: // ; hypertext transfer protocol: // and chapter 13 of Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th edition ; hypertext transfer protocol: // Healthcare employees are required to have a inoculation for which of the followers? HBV HCV Hiv HPV Correct Answer: Choice A, HBV is the right reply because the vaccinum against HBV is recommended to kids, health care and public safety workers with exposure to blood etc. Choice B, HCV is wrong because there is non a vaccinum for Hepatitis C merely for hepatitis A and B. Choice C, HIV is wrong because there is non a vaccinum for HIV for cut downing hazard, and cosmopolitan safeguards are to follow. Choice D, HPV incorrect because there is a vaccinum to assist forestalling some human papillomavirus but it is non required to wellness attention employees. Mentions: pg. 150 chapter 10 of Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 8th edition and it is besides recognized as effectual defence against HBV infection found in hypertext transfer protocol: // ; hypertext transfer protocol: // % 20Kay % 20OSHA % 20Training % 20Handout.pdf What is the best manner to pull off a hapless historiographer? Consult with patient ‘s doctor Have patient repetition themselves Have patient speak easy Consult with the patient ‘s partner Correct Answer: Choice A, Consult with PT doctor is the right reply because it is the best manner to guarantee about the medical fortunes of the patient like the medicines. Asking for the patient ‘s PCP information for future mention is portion of the medical history, which was conferred in an earlier talk Under Management Poor Historian. Choice B, have a patient repetition themselves is wrong because the patient may repeat something that he/she is diffident about is non utile. Choice C, have patient speak slowly is non the correct reply because the patient once more does n’t retrieve the medical history so it would non give us any information. Choice D, consult with patient ‘s partner is non the right reply ; nevertheless, this can be a right pick if the spouse is lawfully lawful to talk on behalf of the patient, but this is non ever the instance so the best manner is ever consult with patient ‘s doctor this was discussed in the first talk under direction ha pless historiographer. Mention: Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th erectile dysfunctions Which type of medicines should a tooth doctor papers? Prescribed Over- the-Counter Multivitamins Herbal addendums All of the above Correct Answer: Choice E, all of the undermentioned drugs that the patient is taking should be acknowledged and examined for actions, inauspicious side effects and contraindications. Mention: Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th erectile dysfunctions Which of the undermentioned ASA categorizations represents individual who is brain-dead? ASA I ASA III ASA V ASA VI Correct Answer: Choice D, ASA I is a normal healthy patient with no organic, physiological or psychiatric perturbation. ASA III are patients with terrible systemic disease. These patients have some functional restrictions but no major danger of decease. EG controlled congestive bosom failure, stable angina, old bosom onslaught, ill controlled high blood pressure, morbid fleshiness etc. ASA V is a stagnant patient who is non expected to last without the operation. This patient has at hand hazard of decease, multi-organ failure, sepsis etc. ASA VI is a patient declared encephalon dead whose variety meats are removed for giver intents. Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // Which of the undermentioned ASA categorizations represent a normal healthy patient? ASA I ASA III ASA V ASA VI Correct Answer: Choice A, ASA I is a normal healthy patient. ASA III patients suffer from a terrible systemic disease. These patients have some functional boundaries, nevertheless no cardinal danger of decease. ASA V is a morbid patient who is non expected to last without an operation and is impending upon decease and multi-organ failure. ASA VI is a patient acknowledged as encephalon dead. Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // Which of the followers is an illustration of a symptom? Pain Jaundice Heat Heart Murmur Correct Answer: Choice A, symptoms are as any characteristic which is noticed by the patient. A mark is noticed by the doctor. Jaundice, heat and bosom mutter are marks because they are noticeable by others, such as the physician Mention: hypertext transfer protocol: // The wont of masticating beetling British pound should be documented under which class Chief ailment Social History Dental history Family history Correct Answer: Choice B, The Social history is the turn toing familial, professional, and leisure facets of the patient ‘s personal life that have the possible to be clinically important. Dental history references past dental processs and jobs. Medical history is information gained by the doctor by examining the patient. History of present unwellness, household diseases and societal history inquiries are included. Family history adresses upsets from inherited from blood relations of the patient have suffered. Mentions: hypertext transfer protocol: // What is the approximative overall U.S. mortality rate of morbific endocarditis 10 % 20 % 30 % 40 % Correct Answer: Choice D, morbific endocarditis affects more than 15000 patients yearly in the U.S. and mortality rate is 40 % . Mention: Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th erectile dysfunctions What is the most common mark of a morbific endocarditis? Osler ‘s nodes Roth musca volitanss Fever Clubbing of the figure Correct Answer: Choice C, fever. The most common indexs of morbific endocarditis are fever, bosom mutter, and positive blood civilization. Roth musca volitanss are found on the retina, and clubbing of the figures are marks of morbific endocarditis Osler ‘s nodes are found on the fingers. Mention: Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th ed page 25 Which of the followers has the higher frequence of doing bacteriemia? Rubber dike matrix with cuneus arrangement Chewing nutrient Root canal therapy Toothbrushing and flossing Correct Answer: Choice D, tooth brushing and flossing. Tooth brushing and flossing can take bacteriemia ; in add-on, there is a 68 % opportunity of undertaking bacteriemia. Choice B, masticating nutrient has up to 51 % opportunity of doing bacteriums. Choice A, the gum elastic dike and cuneus arrangement has a 32 % opportunity, and pick C, root canal therapy has up to 20 % opportunity. Mention: Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th ed page 28 Which of the following have the highest life-time hazard of geting morbific endocarditis? Arthritic bosom disease History of old endocarditis Patients with mechanical valves Mitral valve prolapsed with regurgitation Correct Answer: Choice B, history of old endocarditis 740 people for every 100,000 incidence of morbific endocarditis. Choice D, mitral valve prolapsed with regurgitation 52 people for every 100,000 incidence. Choice A, Rheumatic febrility has 380-440 people for every 100,000 incidence, patients with mechanical valves 308-383/100k incidence. Mention: Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th ed page 21 The extremum plasma concentration of two gms of Amoxil is reach at about two hours after unwritten disposal. How long does an acceptable MIC for 2g of Amoxil last? Two hours Four Hourss Six Hourss Eight Hourss Correct Answer: Choice C, Six hr is how long 2g should hold and acceptable MIC for. Mention: Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th ed page 32 What is the name given to a transplant that is taken from a different species? Autograft Alloplast Heterograft Isograft Correct Answer: Choice C, A Xenograft is from a different species. All of the transplants mentioned are types of grafts. Choice A, an autoplasty comes from ego. Choice B, an alloplast is from a man-made beginning. Choice D, is an isograft comes from a twin. Mention: Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th ed page 36. Which of the followers is NOT caused by HPV? Heck ‘s Disease Squamous Cell Carcinoma Oral Hairy Leukoplakia Squamous Papilloma Correct Answer: Choice C, Oral Hairy Leukoplakia is caused by Epstein-Barr virus and HIV. Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Squamous villoma and Heck ‘s Disease are all caused by an infection with HPV. Mentions: Dental Management of Medically Compromised Patients 7th erectile dysfunctions. hypertext transfer protocol: // % 27s_disease, hypertext transfer protocol: //, hypertext transfer protocol: // How to cite The History Of Medical Compromised Health And Social Care Essay, Essay examples

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Introduction to marketing free essay sample

Market Research is the process of gathering, analysing and interpreting information about a market. You can be talking about a product or service to be offered for sale in that specific market and about the past, present and potential customers for the product or service. Market Research Includes: †¢Primary Research †¢Secondary Research †¢Quantitative Research †¢Qualitative Research †¢Uses of Market Research †¢Limitation of Market Research Primary research: This is where there is no data available for the researcher so they have to start from scratch. This means that the company needs to design questionnaires, collect data from respondents and then analyze the answers. Secondary Research: This process involves collecting data from either the originator or a distributor of primary research. The main way to gather secondary research is usually to look at the sales records and other records of competitors that have been around for longer to obtain an understanding of the market that you are going into, in other words, accessing information already gathered, old sales reports, accounting records and many others, falls under the heading of secondary research. We will write a custom essay sample on Introduction to marketing or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Quantitative research is when companies create surveys and customer questionnaires. This can help small companies to improve their brand, products and services by enabling the public to take the decisions. It is important to survey people in fairly large numbers to get a better statistics and probability that people really want the service or the product, or if the company needs improvement in some areas. Qualitative research: aims to gather an in-depth understanding of human behavior and the reasons that they act with such. This method investigates the why and how of decision making, not just what, where and when. This data is based on opinions rather than facts and figures this can also help make a link between the business and the customers. Uses of market research: The purpose of market research is to gather data on customers and potential customers. The collected data aids business decision making. This therefore reduces the risks involved in making these decisions. This information can be used to design new innovative products, help create a comfortable and friendly environment etc. Limitation of Market Research: No matter how small or large a market research project may be, any type of research performed poorly will not give relevant results. In fact, all research, no matter how well controlled, carries the potential to be wrong. There are many reasons why research may not give good results but a common problem is deciding whether the research is really measuring what it claims to be measuring. There are 3 types of limitations of market research. These are Cost effectiveness, reliability and validity of data collected.

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Innovations in Payment Systems Square

Description of company Square Inc is an innovative company that was launched in December 2009. Its president and the co-founder, Jack Dorsey, is also the co-founder of Twitter, a social network platform. The logic behind Square Inc. is to use paperless money as a mode of payment and transaction where every tweet would be a transaction.Advertising We will write a custom case study sample on Innovations in Payment Systems: Square specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The company is on the verge of changing the mode of payment in the U.S to ensure that payment is carried out through the use of smartphones (Romo 2). However, the president of Square Inc. has recently admitted that the company entered in the market prematurely. Square Inc will ensure that payments are transacted everywhere since they are supported by android phones, iPads, and iPhones. According to the company’s president, the goal of Square is to enable customers acc ept payments instantly, everywhere. Nonetheless, the company is wary of the anticipated competition from other emerging players like PayPal, Apple, and Google. The company has also devised a method of using the smartphones as cash registers whereby a squared credit card reader is connected to the Smartphone and transactions carried out easily (MacMillan 44). Lastly, the innovative payment system of Square Inc. does not require fixed costs, hardware costs, and credit check like other credit payment systems. This makes it unique and competitive as people are on the lookout for the best mode of payment that is up to the current recession and changing market trends. Problem definition, Goal, and Constraints The problem is to determine whether Square Inc. is wary of, and ready to accept and face competition from other emerging companies that have adopted new modes of payments in the industry. Square Inc. has to make sure that its new payment transaction system has no loopholes that could be used by other companies as a competitive advantage. However, their goal is to â€Å"enable people to accept payments immediately, everywhere† (Siegler 3).Advertising Looking for case study on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More On the other hand, this has not been achieved yet since the company is facing hardware shortages, although it has ordered for the parts. Another constraint facing the company is the inability to carry out transactions in the quickest time possible as some incidents of delay have already been reported to the Square management team. This problem could have resulted from its underwriting infrastructure facilities and capabilities (Siegler 4). The company is also faced with the fear of customers caught up in fraud cases in the course of carrying out their payment transactions as this could dent their image. Although Square Inc wishes to execute a modern method of carrying out tra nsactions through mobile phone innovations, the mode of payment faces a major blow if cheques re-emerge as a mode of payment. The company also faces stiff competition from emerging competitors like, PayPal, Google, and Apple who could offer better modes of transactions and services than Square Inc. Lastly, the company is constrained by its inability to handle risks associated with charge backs by determining the transactions limits (Siegler 4. This could lead to incidents of fraud and other malicious issues on the part of the users. Analysis of possible solutions For Square Inc. to remain relevant and competitive in the market, it has to devise solutions that will help the company to address the current problem and constraints facing it. The constraints act as impediments in realizing the company’s goal, which is to enable payments anywhere immediately. The solutions that follow would enable Square Inc. to solve the current problems as well as allowing the company to compete favorably and effectively in the market. Square Inc needs to develop strong encryption software that would address the risks of fraud thus promoting security (Romo, 2011). This would ensure that crime cyberspace is reduced since hackers or fraudsters cannot access credit cards in the process of carrying out transactions.Advertising We will write a custom case study sample on Innovations in Payment Systems: Square specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is also supposed to create awareness to its customers on the need to secure their phones and passwords as fraudsters could take advantage of their carelessness to commit frauds. The company has to address the issue of the hardware shortages by importing or finding a reliable supplier who will address the increased demand by Smartphone users. This would ensure that customers are not swayed away by other payments providers like the NFCs system of Goggle or PayPal. Customers have already filed complaints, and the President of the Square Inc has also acknowledged that there have been delays in carrying out transactions. The company needs to view the causes for delays during transactions immediately before consumers lose their loyalty towards the brand and adopt other modes of payments. Square Inc needs to improve its underwriting infrastructure facilities and capabilities to a competitive edge. This will increase its competence and the speed required in financial transactions. Technology improvement is the core solution to the problems facing Square Inc. Therefore, the company needs to address its problems before entering the market with full force. Lastly, the looming problem facing Square Inc. is the emergence of other rival companies who are bound to introduce competitive rivalry through perfect substitute products. The company can operate at low costs by minimizing the transactional costs. This would create a competitive advantage to the company, thereby increasi ng its profits margins. Through marketing methods and structures, Square Inc. can make the new mode of transactions acceptable by its customers and other people who posses Smartphones or are willing to adopt one. This would ensure that it gains adequate market share, making it competitive. Recommendation that need to be adopted Based on the analysis of the problems, constraints, and the available solutions, it is recommended that Square Inc. adopts all the solutions because they address all the issues currently being experienced. No problem should be taken for granted as a single mistake would affect the customers affecting their loyalty.Advertising Looking for case study on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Other than solving the problems, it is recommended that the company adopts a more efficient and the latest technology accessible to all customers. With competition increasing in the industry, Square Inc could operate under economies of a scale after reducing the transactional costs. This would ensure that the company remains relevant and that it realizes its competitive edge. Square Inc has the capability of turning the whole industry into a technological hub. To retain its capabilities, the company needs to devise a means of improving its software and hardware to meet the changing consumers’ demands and the markets trends caused by technological advancements. In conclusion, although Square Inc seems to be the latest option that will change payment transactions, the company needs to address all its problems in advance. This will ensure that it remains relevant in the market as it competes favorably and effectively. Works Cited MacMillan, Douglas. Turning Smartphones into Cash Registers. Bloomberg Businessweek, February 2011. Web. Romo, Venessa. Square Businesses ‘Square’Away Client Bill Pay. January  2011. Web. Siegler, Michael. â€Å"Square Delays Mass Roll-Out, Admits They Began Before Things Were â€Å"Fully Baked†Ã¢â‚¬ . June 2010. Web. This case study on Innovations in Payment Systems: Square was written and submitted by user Brandon Goff to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Satchmo essays

Satchmo essays Louis Armstrong, also known as The Great Satchmo, was one of the greatest musicians in the United States during his time. The actual date of Louis Armstrong's birth has been debated over time. Some say that he was born on July 4th, 1900. Others say that he was born on August 4th, 1901. There is also some historical evidence that Armstrong was born around 1898. When Louis was born, he was not born into the greatest life-living conditions. He was born in an impoverished area of New Orleans. The place he was born at was known as the Back O'Town. At the time of Louis' birth, his father, Willie Armstrong left the family, leaving him to be raised by his grandmother, Josephine Armstrong. His mother, Mayann, was not able to take care of him for the first few years of his life. While he was growing up during his childhood, he had been exposed to a lot of music. He was influenced by blues, ragtime, and religious music. Armstrong had worked many odd jobs, but his best job that he w orked was as a singer in a barbershop quartet on the streets. He did this to make money. In 1912, Armstrong was arrested and put in the Waifs Colored Home in New Orleans. Some people say that he was arrested over firing a firearm, but historians believe that he was arrested because of a delinquency charge. While he was in this home, he had been provided with his first musical training with an instrument. Peter Davis, a member of the house was the first to teach him to play. Armstrong also played his first cornet and joined a band while at the home. They did marches and performed ragtime music. While in New Orleans, Armstrong had worked with a man known as Joe Oliver. He was a teacher to young Louis Armstrong. While Louis worked with Oliver, he had gained public exposure as a musician. However, Oliver had left New Orleans to go to Chicago, which left Armstrong to be Olivers replacement in ...

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Debate Against (( Human resources manager are the guardians of ethics Essay

Debate Against (( Human resources manager are the guardians of ethics in business)) - Essay Example In short deontology theory of ethics never asks HRM managers to work for the protection of ethics in business. â€Å"For deontologists, the Right has priority over the Good. If an act is not in accord with the Right, it may not be undertaken, no matter the Good that it might produce† (Alexander, 2007). The above principle cannot by applied in an organizational set up always. In business, maximization of profit through efficient functioning of the organization is the major objective. It is impossible to analyze all the actions through the microscopes of morality in business. For example, there are certain instances in which the HRM managers forced to promote a junior employee over a senior employee because of the superior abilities of the junior employee compared to that of the senior employee. According to the deontological principles, only the senior employee could be promoted even if he might be useless. In that manner an organization cannot work.†Deontologists do not look at how much good might be caused by an action. They look at the action itself, deciding whether it is pro hibited or made obligatory by one of their rules† (Ethical Theory – Deontology, n. d). In other words, the arguments of deontologists are not applicable to the HRM managers. â€Å"Ethical egoism relies on the assumption that following one’s own self-interest will generally provide a maximum of benefit† (Koster, 2007, p.8). â€Å"It is the prescriptive doctrine that all persons ought to act from their own self-interest† (Philosophy 302: Ethics Ethical Egoism, 2009). In an organizational set up, the above principle cannot be applied. In an organization, the HRM manager should work for the interests of the organization rather than their self-interests. The interests of the employees and the interests of the organization may not go in the same direction. The organization always